A business outing, a bachelor party or family gathering,  among friends,
a couple walk and a solo hike, Croc'Nature is at your service.

Anne Tardent

Guide officielle
du Patrimoine de Lavaux

Lavaux, ma plus belle histoire d'amour

In Lavaux, I met the earth, this so-precious land,
that shapes the character of our famous Chasselas white vine.

I met the millennial history of the vineyards, the vines that bud and gloom and offers us its fruit.
I have met women and men who know how to make wine, good wine, who speak passionately about it, in vaults with arches several centuries old.
I have also appreciated sharing a glass of wine, vinified and aged with great care, sharing a simple and authentic moment.

croc'nature's features

  • Vineyard's themes hikes:
    history & storrytelling,
    gourmet harvesting


  • Harvesting gourmet ingredients
    to make finger foods, or full meals


Anne Tardent


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